The ‘Writer of the Month’ Award by The Strong Traveller!

We feel immense pride on this day to honour the best writer among all the wonderful people who have tirelessly worked very hard to produce their best contents and made our readers full of joy and happiness!

For the month of June 2020, we have also chosen one writer among many wonderful and talented individuals, who has shown exceptional commitment, creativity and given pleasure to our lovely audience here at The Strong Traveller!


The ‘Writer of the Month‘ award, June 2020 by The Strong Traveller, goes to

Vinaya Ranade !!!


A Warm Congratulations to Vinaya from The Strong Traveller family!


Vinaya Ranade Author Pic

Vinaya Ranade has been a contributor at The Strong Traveller. Apart from pursuing an undergraduate degree in Instrumentation engineering, she loves writing and is a keen learner.

Well, the blog post for which she has been nominated for this prestigious award is,

The Journey of  Pizza through the Ages


A story of pizza and how it became popular all around the globe and discovering the ancient roots of your favourite fast food.

The other post written by the writer is as follows,

10 Ways To Look After Your Mental Health


Mental health is a major factor affecting a person’s relationships, achievements and even physical health. Here are some simple and easy ways to look after your mental health.

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Writer of the Month

So how does one qualify for the prestigious ‘Writer of the Month Award by The Strong Traveller‘?

  1. The writer must publish at least one blog post per month with The Strong Traveller.
  2. He/She must abide by the rules and regulations prescribed by the admins of the blog/website.
  3. The content must be free of plagiarism, must avoid copy-righted materials in any form.
  4. The content must be mature in terms of quality and adequate in terms of quantity (minimum 1,000 words per content is expected).
  5. The content or the topic must not be published with us before and must not be published/under-review with any other blogs/websites.
  6. The topic of the content must follow our niche areas of interest TravelFood and Lifestyle.

If you’re interested to send us your entries for the award and want to qualify for the same, please contact us below or drop a mail at


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